“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all”… Ernest Shackleton, British polar explorer 

Chris is the founder of Ecrins Alpine Safaris. A trekking company based in the small village of Allemond in the L’eau d’olle valley with its recent addition of the l’eau d’olle express telecabine.

Chris is an English speaking fully qualified Mountain Leader. He is a member of the Syndicat National des Accompagnateurs en Montagne(SNAM), Union of international Mountain Leaders (U.I.M.L.A) and of the French Alpine Club (Club Alpin Francais).


He has worked extensively in the mountains of Great Britain and has lead expeditions to; Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Namibia and Nepal.

He is a qualified Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Award trainer and assessor and has worked with many Gold award teams helping with their preparation and training.
Chris holds a Wilderness First aid certificate.

Ecrins Alpine Safaris’ policy on the environment:

As a company passionate about our work and the environment in which we work, we want to make our impact on our environment as light as possible. In our small way we do what we can to help keep this area of outstanding natural beauty as pristine as possible.
To help us achieve this goal we try where possible to “leave only foot prints and to take only pictures”. may be a picture of foot prints and photo.
We carry out all waste rubbish from the mountains and where and when it is safe to do so we will tidy up after those who haven’t been as careful and considerate.
When trekking we all need to answer the “call of nature” at some point. Our best advice would be away from any kind of water source; 100m for a pee and a 200m away for the “other one” and a practical distance from any habitation such as mountain refuges. Dig deep where possible and cover well so the animals don’t dig it up! Sanitary items should be wrapped, sealed and carried out and disposed of appropriately.
We keep travelling distance to a minimum and actively encourage transport sharing.