Journey with us…

The best way to enjoy the Alps is on foot with an informed guide. Below is a selection of trips from easy one-day walks to multi day adventures.

Marmot Safaris for all the family

Come and see the amazing marmots of the Ferrand Valley.

A short 30 minute drive from Allemond takes us to the valley where we can safely park our cars and walk on a mostly flat path to observe the marmots going about their daily lives.

This walk is suitable for all ages and abilities even allowing access with buggies and wheel chairs for most of the way. 

The whole tour lasts about 3.5 hours or less.

Lac Lauvitel

Starting at the hamlet of La Danchere in the Veneon valley, we follow the left hand path on a shaded woodland walk, climbing to the largest natural lake in the Ecrins National Park at 1530m. After a picnic lunch and a well deserved rest we descend  on the right hand path and finish back in the tiny Hamlet of La Danchère.

This walk can also be done in winter on snowshoes for a more demanding day out in very different conditions.

In all seasons there is a possibility of seeing Chamois and other large mammals as we walk.

York Mallory Museum and walk available in July & August. 
(Museum site in French: York Mallory Museum )

The museum in Le Rivier d’Allemont commemorates Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, younger brother of the legendary mountaineer George Mallory who died on Everest in 1924. Trafford died with his wife and crew members in a plane crash on 14th November 1944. 

Before our walk we can spend time in the small but incredibly interesting museum.  Taking time to understand what happened on 14th November 1944.and allowing us to take what we know to the place where this tragic event took place.

This walk takes us up through the forest of pine trees above the village of the Riviere d’Allemont to the beautiful alpine meadow where we can sit by a beautiful mountain stream to catch our breath and enjoy the magnificent views of the Belldonne Range of mountains and across the valley of the L’eau d’olle to the ski station of Oz and the range of mountains called le Grandes Rousses high above the ski slopes. Of Vaujany, Oz and Alp D’Huez

Continuing on we gain height quickly on steeply angled paths to reach the actual site of the downed aircraft.  Once there we can observe some remains of the aircraft and spend a moment at the memorial before making our way down the mountain and returning to the Riviere d’Allemont.

Day walks to a refuge:

Walking to a refuge such as the one at La Fare pictured here, gives us not only a focus and a well earned break it allows us time to reflect on the past a  time before skiing became so popular with visitors to this region of France.  La Fare was used as a place of refuge and medical care for the resistance fighters during the 2nd World War.  A short cable car ride takes us to the start of the walk to La Fare which can be enjoyed as a focal point of the trip or as a halfway point on a longer walk to 2100m returning by 2 cable cars to Oz station.

Overnight refuge experience

Staying overnight in a mountain refuge is something that most people would never experience.  Normally used as a base by climbers and mountaineers , it is possible you too can be part of the unique experience.

Starting either early morning or later in the day depending on distance to be travelled.  We walk from the car steadily up and into the mountains observing the geology and nature as we travel.

On arrival a very short explanation on how the refuge works and the arrangemnets for eating and sleeping, both of which are communial in most cases. Some have dormitory style sleeping arrangements and depending on numbers it can be quite spacious or indeed quite a squeeze sleeping on platforms with clean blankets and pillows.

To reduce the amount of laundry the guardian has to do they do request we bring our own sleeping bag liner.  You can purchase theses from any good outdoor shop. They are made from cotton or silk.  The cotton choice being the cheaper option.

After the short explanation you are free to freshen up, grab a well deserved refreshment and enjoy your surroundings. Supper is normally early and bed time is normally around 9pm depending on the refuge.

One thing to bear in mind is if it is close to alpine climbing routes, alpinists will be waking up early around 3am in some cases to start their day.

If you are a light sleeper we would recommend ear plugs and if required an eye mask to keep out the light.

The GR54 “Tour of the Oisans”

To be continued……………………………

Your trip will include:

Collection from your accommodation
Guide to and from the hut

The price of your food and accommodation will be paid directly to the guardian of the hut in cash
Accomodation is usually a sleeping platform in a communal dormitory.
Sheets and blankets are provided.

Travelling light, wild camping
In good conditions there is no better way of spending a night in the mountains than under the stars.
Just a sleeping bag, mat and a bivi bag. It’s a great way to do something different.

Your trip will include:
Collection from your accommodation
Travel to the area
Guiding throughout the duration of the trip