Ibex family trekking
Ibex family in autumn pasture

Autumn… Trekking in autumn is perhaps the most undervalued season to explore the mountains.
At times it can feel that you have the mountains entirely to yourself. Discovering the region at this time of year has the added bonus of experiencing the mountain side as a patchwork of burnt umber, russets and gold. The trees welcome you into the forests making autumnal trekking an amazing experience.
The animals such as ibex come down to lower levels from their summer grazing at higher altitudes. You will have the opportunity to take some of the best landscapes pictures of the year.

Autumn Colours

The weather does play its part at this time of year and a degree of flexibility in planning is necessary.
Days are shorter especially in late November but you will be able to rest by a log fire at the end of the day enjoying an après trek glow and a sense of accomplishment.