“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single footstep”… Lao Tzu

Alpine lakes and spring flowers at 2000m trekking

Alpine lakes and spring flowers at 2000m

Summer… Who can resist the natural beauty and timeless charm of the Alps in summer?
It is a wonderful time to trek and explore; with alpine flora and fauna at its most abundant. See the marmots play and bask in the sunshine; larger mammals such as ibex, mouflon and chamois graze the high pastures and craggy outcrops. Above you can see Vultures, Golden Eagles, and other raptors circle high above the mountain peaks.

The longer days of summer give you time to linger over exquisite alpine flowers, dip a toe in a clear mountain stream or just lie back and enjoy the sun.
For effortless walking come in July and August when the ski lifts are open to walkers. You can step off the lift and experience the wonderful views this region of the Alps has to offer.